Lake District Navigation Course

Lake District Navigation Courses

Whether you're a beginner to mountain navigation or would like to refresh and improve your current skills, our weekend navigation courses will help you become much more confident with your map and compass.

We hold 2 one-day courses of comprehensive instruction to give you a good overview of what's required to navigate in the mountains. The courses are held in the central Lake District with access to an ideal mountain landscape for navigation training.

Each day costs just £50 per person. To ensure you get the most out of the instruction, the maximum group size for both courses is just 6.

Map reading course - £50 per person - see dates below

Confident map-reading is the foundation for being a good navigator. Being able to identify features on both the map and landscape and relate them to each other is an essential, but often overlooked skill. If you think competent navigation is all about being able to use a compass, you should do this course and think again!

Held on a Saturday, this is a course for those either new to navigation or who want to learn the essentials from scratch. By learning to look at the map in detail and use features to guide you around, you'll gain a better understanding of how the map alone can successfully get you from A to B, without having to rely on technology.

The course starts with an indoor session, covering the fundamentals of map reading before we head outside to put the techniques into practice. Subjects covered during the day include:

Lake District Map Reading
  • Map scales and symbols
  • Grid references
  • Orientating the map correctly using landscape features
  • Navigating using linear features (e.g. paths and tracks)
  • Outdoor access and rights of way
  • Judging distance using pacing and timing

Compass skills day - £50 per person - see dates below

Held on a Sunday and designed to progress methodically from the map reading day, this course concentrates on compass work combined with detailed contour interpretation. This course is suitable for those who can already use a map to follow simple routes and are confident with map scales, symbols and contour interpretation. If in doubt, take both courses together for a comprehensive weekend!

Subjects covered during the day include:

Lake District Navigation Training
  • Orientating the map using a compass
  • Taking and following bearings
  • Relocation techniques
  • Judging distance using pacing and timing
  • Route planning
  • Outdoor access and rights of way
Navigation Course - Dates and Booking
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2013 Dates

Map Reading Course

Compass Skills Course

Saturday 16th March
Sunday 17th March
Saturday 13th April
Sunday 14th April
Saturday 11th May
Sunday 12th May
Saturday 15th June
Sunday 16th June

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